Top 6 Benefits of Using CloudLinux

CloudLinux has gained a lot of popularity since its inception. Today, most servers have migrated from different OS to CloudLinux because of the many benefits it provides. CloudLinux helps in improving security, boosting efficiency, and bringing stability by caging each user in their own Lightweight Virtualised Environment (LVE). LVE ensures each user is allocated with a predefined amount of resources, i.e. RAM and CPU. 

CloudLinux has been enabled across 20 million websites and is used by more than 4,000 hosting customers & partners. [Source]. Let’s take a look at the top 6 benefits of CloudLinux that users find most helpful:

  1. Provides Server Stability 

Cloudlinux ensures that the servers are stable at every moment. In most scenarios, the primary reason for downtime is due to a  `single user consuming most of the resources, slowing down the other domains running in parallel on the same server. However, as we know, CloudLinux is based on LVE (Lightweight Virtualised Environment) technology, where each user is in a caged environment with a predefined amount of allocated resources. CloudLinux prevents fluctuations by controlling the amount of CPU and RAM assigned to a single user, reducing the user’s resources when necessary. If a single user uses their entire allocated resources, it will not affect the other users; only the particular user will receive an error message saying “Resource Limit Reached”. 

2. Improves Security

CloudLinux-based servers have CageFS enabled, encapsulating each user in a different environment. It ensures that one user’s information or data is not visible to others, increases security and prevents the risks of data breaching. 

3.  Hardened Kernel

CloudLinux provides protection symlink attacks with the help of KernelCare Extra Patchset. It also traces the exploits for further prevention. 

4. Provides High Server Efficiency

CloudLinux helps with resource monitoring, eliminating the need to leave server resources in an idle stage. It also allows the creation of more users compared to other traditional servers. 

5. Multiple PHP Versions

CloudLinux comes with a PHP selector mode to allow users to select the required PHP version from their control panel.

6. Great Support

CloudLinux provides excellent support for issues raised by users. Users can simply create and submit their tickets to the support staff, where problems are resolved quickly and effectively. There is support for configuration, bug fixes, installations, usage, and other user issues for different CloudLinux versions. 

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